Sensory Facilities

Sensory & Discovery @ Rainbow Nursery


The Nursery Discovery Garden includes a music corner, water & sand stations, a small world area, and also a reading area. A planting area for those keen little gardeners and a mud kitchen are part of the Discovery garden at Rainbow Nursery, as well as resources to promote the children’s fine & gross motor skills.

This Outdoor Play Area was established to promote the children’s creativity and enjoyment of the outdoors as well as promoting their speech and language. The Rainbow Nursery outdoor play area also promotes concentration skills, physical development, emotional & social well-being, and general engagement.

We also have a Sensory Garden at our Day Nursery to stimulate the children’s sense of smell, touch, & sight with the opportunity for the children to investigate our sensory plants such as the curry, lavender, rosemary to name but a few.

The Sensory Room is a relaxing and calming, yet stimulating environment to develop the children’s sensory needs. The children practice child yoga, deep breathing exercises and various relaxation techniques in a tranquil environment.

‘The outdoor play areas and sensory room are a great attribute to the setting and provides environments for the children’s learning and development to be promoted.’
NHSCT Inspection Report 2018.


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