Toddler Room

Rainbow Toddler Room


The Toddler Room caters for children aged from one year old.

This is a spacious Playroom which offers a varied daily routine allowing opportunities for many activities such as as individual play with puzzles, construction toys, dressing up, role play and story time. The Rainbow Day Nursery Toddler Room also provides group action games, musical activities, painting and playdough, in addition to water and sand play.

During play we actively encourage language development and social skills.

Our Policy of dividing the children into small groups of similar ages, enables us to organise a range of activities which are appropriate to their level of abilities.

We ask Parents to supply nappies, wipes, nappy creams, sun hats, sun protection and a change of clothes to be kept at the Nursery for each child.

Outings are organised with parental consent for the children especially in the summer months. We also organise visits from external Agencies such as the P.S.N.I, Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service and Health Visitors.